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Giving Made Simple

Why We Give

The Bible says that God gave his only Son, Jesus, so that we would be saved. But not only did God save us, he lavishes on us uncountable blessings and an eternal inheritance we can’t comprehend. God’s generosity towards us compels us to be generous in return.

How We Give

We Give Locally

Jesus is the head of the church, his body. The local church is the hands and feet of Jesus to a specific local community. The primary way that we give to Jesus is through His church! We believe that believers should be plugged into a local family of believers where they are fed with the word, encouraged, and held accountable.


The ministries of the church shouldn’t be supported by big outside donors, but by the partnering believers that make up this local congregation.

Christians should also contribute to other ministries they feel called to support, over and above their support to the local congregation.

Ways to Give

In Person, By Mail, or Via

Online Giving

You can give to Corinth Baptist Church at our services on Sunday or by mail. If you would like to mail in your tithes, please make out the check to Corinth Baptist Church, designate the fund in the memo line, and mail it directly to: Corinth Baptist Church PO Box 92, Hosford, FL 32334.

If you wish to make a donation via our online portal, please click the button at the top of the page labeled Give Online.

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