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Corinth Baptist Church was organized in 1871.  In 1897-1899 the records show the pastors salary was $1.50 a month.  The offerings sometime showed $1.80 in the treasury, with $.30 left after paying the pastor's salary.


In conference July 17, 1910, a committee was appointed to confer with the Graves Lumber Company in regards to the trade of the church lot for material to build a new church building.  This building was completed in 1912.  In 1936, the church building burned and was rebuilt in 1939 in the same location.  In 1946, the Pastorium was built next to the main church building.  In 1971, the fellowship hall was built.  In 1973, six Sunday School rooms were added.  The sanctuary was remodeled in January 1974 for additional space..  In June of 1974, six more Sunday School rooms were added and sidewalks put down.  In 1988, the church acquired additional property and moved the pastorium to allow for more privacy.  In 1992, the illuminated church sign was installed on Hwy 65.  In October 2003, a building fund was established for the purpose of a vision for a new sanctuary. 


Construction on the new sanctuary began in the summer of 2010 and was completed in 2011. The 1939 Sanctuary was torn down in 2013 after it was determined to be in disrepair.   

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